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Self Actuated Temperature Control Valve for Steam Hot Water


Nominal diameter:DN15~DN200;
Nominal pressure:PN16,PN25;
Body type:single-seat,double-seated,cage guide,three way;
Suitable medium:steam,hot water,hot oil,cooling water,etc;
Application medium temperature:-20℃~350℃;

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Self Actuated Temperature Control Valve for Steam Hot Water

Self actuated temperature control valve由两个部分组成:温度传感器和地球阀。self operated temperature control valve不需要外部能量,并且使用液体热膨胀和液体不可压缩的原理来实现自动控制。温度传感器的液体膨胀是均匀的,因此自动操作的温度控制阀是比例控制的。

The self actuated temperature control valve working principle:



(2) When the medium temperature is lower than the set value, the temperature sensitive liquid shrinks, and the spring pushes the valve plug to open, increasing the flow rate of the heat medium, so that the temperature of the controlled medium tends to rise. The cycle is repeated so that the temperature value of the controlled medium is always within the allowable range of the set temperature.

The Features of Self Actuated Temperature Control Valve:

1. The self actuated temperature control valve is small in size, light in weight and easy to install.
4. Automatic adjustment by the principle of liquid thermal expansion and liquid incompressibility.
6. Control action type of self actuated temperature control valve is proportional control.

自行建立的技术参数ure Control Valve:

3.Valve body type:single-seat,double-seated,cage guide,three way;
3.Suitable medium:steam,hot water,hot oil,cooling water,etc;
4.Application medium temperature:-20℃~350℃;
5.Temperature control range:0~70℃/50~120℃/100~170℃/150~220℃/200~270℃;
8.Adjustment accuracy:±5%;
9.Pipe length:3.5~4.5m,and if you have special requirements,please specify it.
10.Pressure balancing component: springs,bellows.

Dimensions of Self Actuated Temperature Control Valve:

Size H1 D1 D D2 L d G H2 n-Φ
DN32 555 135 32 100 180 25 1-1/4″ 180 4-φ18
DN40 570 145 40 110 200 25 1-1/4″ 180 4-φ18
DN50 610 160 50 125 230 25 1-1/4″ 280 4-φ18
DN65 635 180 65 145 290 25 1-1/4″ 280 4-φ18
DN80 680 195 80 160 310 25 1-1/4″ 280 8-Φ18
DN100 720 215 100 180 350 25 1-1/4″ 280 8-Φ18
DN125 760 245 125 210 395 25 1-1/4″ 380 8-Φ18
DN150 800 280 150 240 470 25 1-1/4″ 380 8-Φ23
DN200 950 335 200 300 550 25 1-1/4″ 480 12-Φ22
DN250 985 405 250 355 640 25 1-1/4″ 480 12-Φ22

Note: the unit is mm and the size is for PN16.

Application Example of Self-operated Temperature Control Valve:

Taking steam or high-temperature water as an example, steam or high-temperature water heats the cold water to the required temperature in the heater. Shut-off valves are installed before and after the temperature control valve for maintenance or stop heating and cut off the steam ( or high temperature water) flowing through the regulating valve. The bypass is used when the regulator valve is faulty or overhauled, and the bypass is closed during normal operation. Thermostat controller is installed on the outlet of the hot water.

Installation Instructions of Self Actuated Temperature Control Valve:

1. Valve body installation
(1) The valve body should be installed horizontally at the inlet of the primary heat medium with the valve stem facing up and ensure that the actuator is installed vertically.
(3) Install the manual stop valve before and after self actuated temperature control valve, install the bypass on the valve side, and install the manual stop valve.
(5) The standard installation method is as shown:


The temperature probe is mounted near the heat exchanger outlet or on the water outlet pipe. Do not damage the valve stem when installing the self operated temperature control valve. The temperature probe must be tightly mounted to the wire holder and ensure no leakage or shedding.

3.Actuator installation
(2) Press the stem firmly to the bottom. If the force is not enough, please use the auxiliary tools.
(3) Install the actuator assembly on the valve body and tighten the nut to ensure that the heat insulation frame is fastened to the valve body, that is, the installation work of自动执行温度控制阀is completed.

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