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Pneumatic Operated On Off Ball Valve With Pneumatic Actuator

Pneumatic Ball Valve

Product Name: pneumatic operated ball valve;
Nominal Pressure: 0.6-4.OMPa, 150LB,10K;
Nominal Diameter: DN15-DN200 (1/2" 〜8″);
Connection Type: Flange connection,butt welding connection;
Body Material: W C B,C F8,C F8M,CF3,CF3M;
Flow Characteristic: ON-OFF;
Leakage Class: soft seat~ANSI VI; metal seat~ANSI IV;

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Pneumatic Operated On Off Ball Valve With Pneumatic Actuator

Thispneumatic operated ball valveis the high qualityon off ball valve with pneumatic actuator,气动球阀操作查必威体育娱乐betwayracteristics of large circulation capacity,compact structure,good sealing performance and long service life,and it is economical, practical and easy to maintain.

气动执行机构的开关球阀必威体育娱乐betway是widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, electric power, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical and other applications where strict requirements are required. It can also be applied to water, steam, oil, liquefied gas, natural gas, gas and other media. In addition, fire-resistant and special hardening treatments can be selected according to customers’ requirements.

Technical Parameters of Pneumatic Operated On Off Ball Valve With Actuator:

1.Nominal Pressure: 0.6~4.OMPa, 150LB,10K
2.Nominal Diameter: DN15-DN200 (1/2″ 〜8″)
3.Connection Type: Flange connection,butt welding connection
4.Flow Characteristic:ON-OFF
6.Valve Ball Action: the ball rotates clockwise and the valve closes;
7.Valve Seat Type :soft seat,metal seat(sealing surface hardening treatment);
8.Applicable Temperature:soft seat~ -20~+250℃;metal seat~-60〜+ 450°C;
9.Leakage Class: soft seat~ANSI VI; metal seat~ANSI IV;
10.Design Standard: GB/T 12237,ASME B16.34;
11.Structure Length: GB/T12221,ASMEB16.10;
12.Test Standard: GB/T13927,API598;
13.Operation Type: manual,gear,pneumatic,electric;
14.Accessorirs: Solenoid valve,limit switch,air filter pressure reducing valve,
positioning valve, manual operating mechanism,etc;

15.Available Items
(1).Fireproof and antistatic design;
(2).Oil prohibition/water prohibition treatment;
(3).Copper prohibition treatment;
(4).Special treatment for valve ball surface;
(5).Special interface,equipped with pipes;
(6).Paint according to customer requirements;
(7).Application under vacuum conditions;
(8).Special testing requirements;
(10).Application in cold regions;
(11).Salt corrosion resistance.

Main Parts Materials of Pneumatic Operated Ball Valve:

Parts Name Material
Valve Body WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M
Valve Ball 2Cr13,304,316,316+STL,etc.
Seal Ring PTFE,PPL,304,316,316+STL,etc.
Stem 2Cr13x 304,316,etc.
Seat Spring Inconel,etc.
Seat Support Ring 2Cr13,304,316
Gasket stainless steel wrapped graphite
Packing V-PTFE,graphite

Dimensions of Pneumatic Operated On Off Ball Valve With Pneumatic Actuator:

DN(mm) L(new) L(old) H H1 K IS05211
15 130 130 50 10 9×9 F04/F05
20 130 140 55 10 9×9 F04/F05
25 140 150 68 12 11 x11 F04/F05
32 165 165 75 12 11×11 F04/F05
40 165 180 90 14 14×14 F05/F07
50 203 200 98 14 14×14 F05/F07
65 222 220 120 18 17×17 F07/F10
80 241 250 135 18 17×17 F07/F10
100 305 280 150 18 17×17 F07/F10
125 356 320 165 25 22×22 F10/F12
150 394 360 205 28 27×27 F10/F12
200 457 400 260 28 27×27 F12/F14

The Design Features of On Off Ball Valve With Pneumatic Actuator:

1.Valve stem anti-blowing structure design:
The valve stem adopts the anti-blowing structure design, and the valve stem with the big upper end and the small lower end is positioned under the upper end cover and the screw, so that the valve stem can not be blown out by the medium even if the valve chamber is abnormally boosted(check the Figure 1).

2.Anti-static design:
The pneumatic operated ball valve adopts an anti-static design to form a static passage through the ball, the valve stem and the valve body. Therefore, the electric power generated by the rubbing during the switching process between the ball and the valve seat is led to the ground through the valve body, thereby preventing the fire or explosion hazard which may be caused by the static spark(check the Figure 2).

3.Fireproof structure design:

When a fire occurs, when the valve seat and seal made of non-metallic material are damaged at high temperature, the specially designed metal-to-metal auxiliary sealing structure effectively prevents a large amount of leakage of the medium.

4.The standard ISO-5211 connect plate is designed to facilitate the customer to change the operation mode at any time.

Product Characteristics of On Off Ball Valve with Pneumatic Actuator:

1. The valve body is produced by precision casting or forging,so the on off ball valve with pneumatic actuator has compact structure and beautiful appearance. The fixed O-type ball valve ball and the valve stem make a rotary motion. When the ball is rotated, the valve seat is always in close contact and has a strong cutting capability;

2. The valve seat is preloaded by a cylindrical spring or a butterfly spring. It has automatic compensation, self-sealing and automatic pressure relief function in the valve cavity. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications.

3.A variety of sealing structures can be selected to ensure the service life and reliability of the pneumatic operated ball valve.The sealing type is available in soft and hard seal, and the sealing surface can be hardened for a variety of operating conditions.

4.The automatic pressure relief design of the valve cavity: when the temperature of the medium staying in the valve body cavity rises and causes abnormal pressure rise, the safety valve is not required, but the valve seat function can automatically relieve pressure, thereby improving the safety of the the on off ball valve with pneumatic actuator.

5.Fireproof structure,anti-static structure, anti-blowing stem structure design can be selected. For theon off ball valve with pneumatic actuator,it adopts ISO 5211 actuator installation standard.

6.For ourpneumatic operated ball valve,the stem length can be extended to suit cryogenic applications.

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