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1.Are your nail stickers waterproof?
Yes,our nail stickers are waterproof,and there is no problem with normal washing.However, avoid contact with water for a long time. It is recommended that you do not touch hot water for three or four hours after it is attached. With Barbie glue and UV light, waterproof effect is better.

2.Does it need the glue to stick the nail stickers?
No,our nail stickers themself are with glue. It is easy-on and easy-off.

3.Can pregnant women and children use your nail sticker?
Yes,our nail stickers are made of safe and non-toxic materials.So Pregnant women and children can use it safely.

4.Some nail stickers are not suitable for my nail type.What to do?
One sheet of nail stickers include 12~14 pcs stickers with a nail file.It is recommended to use a nail sticker with 0.5~1mm smaller than your nail surface, which is better.If bigger than your nail surface,it can use the nail file to trim stickers.

5.你的指甲圣能多久ickers last?
The lasting time is based on the specific use.For normal use,it can last about one week.If apply the top clear polish after stick,it can last one month.

6.How to remove the nail stickers?
Soak in the warm water for about 1 minute and then peel directly off the stickers along the edge.

7.Are there color difference for your nail stickers?
Due to the shooting environment and the effects of the monitor, the colors you see may differ from what you actually receive, but a slight color difference is normal.

8.Why nail stickers will wrinkle on nails sometimes?
When apply nail sticker,it needs try to press and do not leave bubbles,then it can stick it well.And if apply clear top polish,it can make the nail stickers stable and lasting, will not wrinkle off.

9.If I have picture for nail sticker,can do produce it?
Yeah,if you have the pattern file,it is better;of course,if you only have the picture for nail sticker,we also can produce it.But please ensure the picture is clear,otherwise it will influence the effect of nail stickers.

10.For nail sticker,what processes can you do?
The available processes we can do: spot color printing,CMYK color printing,3D sticker,laser,gold metallic,silver metallic,luminous,glitter,etc.

11.Can the sticker be used to toenails?
Yes,the nail stickers can also be used to toenails.

12.Can I use nail decals with gel/acrylic nails?
Yes, you can use nail decals on gel/acrylic nails. Just don’t encapsulate the nail decals with Gel Builder. As placing a layer of Gel Builder on a smooth surface such as a Nail Decal can cause the nail to crack. Just use a regular or gel top coat to seal the nail decals in.

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