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How to do daily maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valve

2月 4, 2019

Pneumatic butterfly valves are widely used for many mechanical operations. So, how do the daily maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valves be done during normal daily operation?

1. Check and maintain the solenoid valve and silencer
Check and maintain the solenoid valve every 6 months. Check whether the solenoid valve has any dirt to block the valve core, whether the valve core is freely moving, whether the silencer is blocked by dirt, whether it is unobstructed, whether the air source is clean, no moisture, etc. .

2. Cylinder inspection and maintenance
Usually, the surface of the pneumatic butterfly valve cylinder should be cleaned. At the same time, pay attention to the cylinder shaft spring refueling. Regularly (basically for about 6 months) open the cylinder end cover to check if there is any debris and moisture in the cylinder, and pay attention to the grease. If the grease is missing or has been dried, the cylinder should be disassembled for full maintenance and grease.

3. Valve body inspection
Check the appearance of the valve body every 6 months, whether there is any leakage in the mounting flange. If it is convenient, check whether the valve body seal is good, whether it is worn or not. Also pay attention to check whether the pneumatic butterfly valve plate is flexible or not, and whether the valve has foreign matter. Stuck.

4. Cylinder block disassembly and assembly methods and precautions
First remove the cylinder from the valve body, and then disassemble the two ends of the cylinder. When disassembling the piston, pay attention to the direction of the piston rack, then use the external force to rotate the cylinder shaft clockwise to make the piston run to the outermost side, then slowly close the valve hole and gently push the piston out with air pressure, but this method must be Be careful to ventilate slowly, otherwise the piston will suddenly squirt out, which is a bit dangerous! If the personal operation does not come, you can contact the pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturer for assistance.

Then the circlip on the cylinder shaft is removed and the cylinder shaft can be taken out from the other end. After the dismantling is completed, clean and grease each part. After the grease is added, it should be installed in the reverse order and in the reverse order to ensure that the upper end groove of the gear shaft is parallel to the cylinder block when the valve is opened. When the valve position is closed, the upper end groove of the gear shaft is perpendicular to the cylinder block.
Pneumatic butterfly valvecylinder block disassembly is actually a technical activity, must be cautious in the process of dismantling, if the user can not carry out, or contact the pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers.

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