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Electric Actuated Ball Valve with Explosion Proof Actuator

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Product Name: ball valve with explosion proof electric actuator;
Nominal Diameter: DN15~DN250;
Nominal Pressure: PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64;
Body Material: WCB,stainless steel(304,316,316L);
Control Type: explosion-proof on/off type and regulating type.

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Electric Actuated Ball Valve with Explosion Proof Actuator

Theexplosion proof electric ball valveis mainly composed of an explosion-proof actuator and a ball valve. It is aball valve with explosion proof electric actuatorspecially designed for use in flammable and explosive conditions.The electrical components on theelectric actuated ball valve explosion proofare required to be fireproof and anti-static, and all meet the explosion-proof standards. It can input the relevant power signal to control the valve opening and closing, input 4-20mA signal and 220V power supply to control the operation of the ball valve for proportional regulation.It has internal servo operation and opening signal position feedback, position indication, manual operation, simple connection and other functions.

The Application of Electric Actuated Ball Valve Explosion Proof:

Ball valve with explosion proof electric actuator is suitable for flammable and explosive gas,liquid,dust and other medium. It has the advantages of small size,light weight,reliable performance, simple matching and large circulation capacity. The explosion-proof grade is ExdIIBT4, the protection grade is IP67, and it can be equipped with on-site control device. Explosion proof electric ball valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry,paper-making,power station, refrigeration and other fields.

技术参数s of Electric Actuated Ball Valve with Explosion Proof Actuator:

Nominal Diameter DN15~DN250
Nominal Pressure PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64
Connection Type flanged connection
Valve Disc Type O-shaped valve ball
Body Material WCB,stainless steel(304,316,316L)
Valve Ball Material 2Cr13,stainless steel
Seal Ring PTFE,PPL,alloy
Packing PTFE,graphite
Application Temperature PTFE≤150℃,RTFE≤℃,PPL≤300℃,metal seal≤450℃
Flow Characteristic approximate to quick open
Action Range 0~90°
Power Voltage AC110V,AC220V,AC380V,etc.
Control Type explosion-proof on/off type,

explosion-proof regulating type (4-20mA analog signal).

Protection Level IP67,IP68
Explosion-proof Grade ExdⅡBT4(CT6)
Signal Feedback source signal,S passive signal
With Heater (optional) dry the components inside the actuator in a humid environment
Manual Function Electric actuator is equipped with manual on/off device

The Dimensions of Ball Valve with Explosion Proof Electric Actuator:

DN L H L1 L2 1.6MPa 2.5MPa
D D1 N-D D D1 N-D
15 130 339 269 161 95 65 4-14 95 65 4-14
20 140 346 269 161 105 75 4-14 105 75 4-14
25 150 349 269 161 115 85 4-14 115 85 4-14
32 165 377 269 161 135 100 4-18 135 100 4-18
40 180 391 269 161 145 110 4-18 145 110 4-18
50 200 397 269 161 165 125 4-18 165 125 4-18
65 220 478 346 240 185 145 4-18 185 145 8-18
80 250 504 346 240 200 160 8-18 200 160 8-18
100 280 525 358 240 220 180 8-18 235 190 8-23
125 320 592 390 240 250 210 8-18 270 220 8-25
150 360 614 390 240 285 240 8-23 300 250 8-25
200 400 938 410 319 340 295 12-23 360 310 12-25
250 450 958 410 319 405 355 12-28 425 370 12-30

Note: below data is for soft seated electric actuated ball valve explosion proof. If you need metal seated or higher pressure explosion proof electric ball valve,please contact us.

The Features of Electric Actuated Ball Valve with Explosion Proof Actuator:

1.防爆电动球阀引用必威体育娱乐betwaythe explosion-proof electric actuator on the ball valve meet the standards of explosion protection. It is used in the occasion where explosion protection is required, such as liquid or gas, which is flammable and explosive in the chemical industry.

2.The main structure of the electric explosion proof ball valve is connected by explosion-proof electric actuator and valve, voltage AC220V or AC380V, can control the operation and on/off control of the valve.

3. Ball valve with explosion proof electric actuator has two-way sealing and good sealing performance. The valve seat is generally made of PTFE. Since the valve ball is floating, under the action of the medium pressure, the ball can be displaced to the outlet end and pressed against the sealing surface at the outlet end, and the sealing force increases as the medium pressure increases.

4.The stem packing of explosion proof electric ball valve adopts V-type sealing structure. V-type packing can effectively convert the pressing force and medium force of the packing gland into the sealing force of the valve stem.

5.It can set anti-static structure according to customer requirements.There forms an electrostatic channel between the ball and the valve body by valve stem,so that the static electricity generated during the ball and valve seat switching process can be led to the ground through the valve body.It prevents risk of fire or explosion.

Remarks when ordering explosion proof electric ball valve:

1.Power supply voltage: DC24V, AC110V, AC220V, AC380V;
2 .The size of the ball valve, pressure, medium type, temperature;
3. Control type: explosion-proof on/off type, explosion-proof regulating type;
4. Intelligent regulating type: input signal 4-20mA, 1-5V, 0-10V; output signal: 4-20mA, 1-5V, 0-10V;

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