Professional R&D

Professional R&D team ensures that our pneumatic control valve and motorized valve can meet the customer's working conditions requirements.The company strictly implements and complies with GB, JB,ASME,ANSI,API,JIS,ISO,EN and other standards.
Reliable Material & Parts

Reliable Material & Parts

Before production, we will strictly test raw materials to ensure their reliability.Reliable materials and parts ensure that our pneumatic control valve and motorized valve are resistant to wear and meet requirements of leakage class as ANSI-B16.104 standards.
Production Capacity

Production Capacity

Experienced production team, universal use of CNC and machining center,refined production management,ERP system,allow our company to undertake large-volume orders of pneumatic control valve and motorized valve as well as the small-scale customized services.


All pneumatic control valve and motorized valve must pass rigorous pressure test and commissioning prior to delivery. Everything is done for the stability and security in subsequent conditions. The meticulous quality assurance system creates outstanding products.

Why Choose Our Pneumatic Control Valve and Motorized Valve?

1. The actuator ofpneumatic control valveadopts multi-spring diaphragm structure——light in weight, small in size, high in performance and large in output force.

2. To our pneumatic and motorized valve,valve body and internal parts with various materials to meet the requirements of different working conditions.

3.采用高质量的材料和表面treatment technology (polishing, surfacing, alloy, heat treatment, chromium nitride coating), and the pneumatic control valve andbetway国际has long service life and reliable operation.

4. Use high grade sealing materials and our pneumatic control valve and motorized valve can meet ANSI B16.104 VI leakage class.

5. The adjustable ratio range of our pneumatic and motorized valve is large, 30:1, 50:1, and can be customized to 100:1.

6. Valve body and bonnet types of our pneumatic control valve and motorized valve are various: straight-way, angle, three-way, jacket insulation type; standard type, bellows type, single seat bonnet type, heat dissipation type, cryogenic type, etc.;

Our Company

For many years we have been committed to controlling the development,design and manufacture of pneumatic control valve and motorized valve.We have become a high-tech enterprise specialized in the production ofbetway国际and pneumatic control valve. It includes many kinds of specifications such as fluorine-lined pneumatic and motorized valve,CV3000 pneumatic and motorized valve,pneumatic control valve and motorized valve for ball & butterfly valve.

Excellent technology, exquisite shape, reliable performance and perfect service have won the recognition of the market.Pneumatic control valveandbetway国际can be widely used in petroleum,chemical,chemical fiber,metallurgy, electricity,pharmaceutical and other industries.

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