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Pneumatic Diaphragm Cage Guided Linear Angle Control Valve

Other Pneumatic Diaphragm Control Valve

Product name: angle control valve;
Nominal diameter: DN40~DN200;
Nominal pressure:PN16,25,40,63,Class150,300,600;
Flow Characteristic:linear,equal percentage,quick opening;
Body material:WCB,LCB,WC6,WC9,CF8,CF8MCF3,CF3M;
Plug Type: single seat,cage-guided;

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Pneumatic Diaphragm Cage Guided Linear Angle Control Valve

The valve body of the pneumatic diaphragmcage guided linear angle control valveis a right-angled shape, and the valve plug has a single guiding structure. The valve body has a simple flow path and low resistance, and角控制阀is generally used in the case of bottom-in and side-out, because the stability can be better. Pneumatic diaphragm cage guided linear angle control valve is specially designed for applications where the viscosity of the medium is large, easy to crystallize, contains suspended particles, and 90 degree bend joints. Because the angled valve body has no dead angle, it is easy to purge, and the maintenance is simple and widely used. It can use single or balanced cage plug can, and if some high pressure differentials,it can use multi-stage regulation.

Working Principle of Angle Control Valve:

The pneumatic diaphragm angle control valve is mainly composed of a pneumatic diaphragm multi-spring actuator and an angle valve. The compressed air is used as the power source, and the accessories are positioners, converters, solenoid valves, and retaining valves. The signal automatically controls the opening of the valve to achieve the regulation of media flow, pressure and level. The equal percentage characteristic is optimal, the regulation is stable, and the adjustment performance is good.

Under normal circumstances, the angle control valve is installed in the forward direction, that is, bottom-in and side-out. Only in the case of high pressure difference and high viscosity, easy coking, and suspended particulate media, reverse installation is recommended,that is,and side-in bottom-out. The purpose of the reverse use of the angle control valve is to improve the imbalance force and reduce the wear on the valve plug, and also to facilitate the flow of high viscosity, easy coking and suspended particulate medium, avoiding coking and clogging.

Technical Parameters of Angle Control Valve:

1.Body/Bonnet : WCB,LCB,WC6,WC9,CF8,CF8M,CF3, CF3M;
2.Plug Material: F304,F316,etc;
3.Seat Material: F304,F316,etc;
4.Resurfacing Welding: tungsten carbide,soft seal;
5.Stem Material: 17-4PH ASTM A276 F304;
6.Upper Bonnet Type:
(1).Standard Type:-17~+230℃
(2).Extended ⅠType:-45~+17℃ or more than 230℃(heat dissipation type)
(3).Extended ⅡType:-45~-100℃
(4).Extended Ⅲ Type:-196~-100℃
(5).Bellows sealing type(forming type/welding type)
6.Body Type: angle type body;
7.Plug Type: single seat,cage-guided;
8.Nominal diameter: DN40~DN200;
9.Nominal pressure: PN16,PN25,PN40,PN63,Class150,300,600;
10.Packing: PTFE/asbestos/graphite;
11.垫片:锯齿状gasket(carbon steel,SUS316,other alloy steel),spiral gasket;
12.Leakage Class: (1).Metal seal:ANSI B16.104 Ⅳclass (ANSI B16.104 Ⅴ class is available)
(2).Soft seal:ANSI B16.104 Ⅵ class;
13.Flow Characteristic: linear, equal percentage, quick opening;
14.Connection Type: flange(RF/FM),butt welding;
15.Flange Connection Type Standard: HG20592-2009,ANSI B16.5;
16.Rangeability: 50:1 (100:1 can be customized);
17.Actuator: pneumatic diaphragm/pneumatic piston/electric/electric hydraulic actuator.

The Dimensions of Cage-guided Linear Angle Control Valve:

DN Actuator L H
ANSI 150

PN16/25 RF

ANSI 300


ANSI 600




Extended I


Extended II




40 ZPL6103D/R 111 117 125 480 590 650 650 290 70
50 ZPL6103D/R 127 133 143 490 600 660 660 290 80
65 ZPL6104D/R 138 146 146 605 735 795 860 365 88
80 ZPL6104D/R 149 159 168 615 745 805 870 365 98
100 ZPL6104D/R 176 184 197 630 760 820 885 365 113
150 ZPL6105D/R 226 236 254 820 980 1050 1170 475 170
200 ZPL6105D/R 272 284 305 880 1040 1110 1230 475 220

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