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High Quality FEP PFA Lined Ball Valve ANSI DIN API JIS

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Structure type: straight-way;
Pressure: 0.6,1.0,1.6,2.5MPa,Class150,JIS10K,etc;
Body material: cast steel(WCB);
里料材质: F46 (FEP)/PFA;

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High Quality FEP PFA Lined Ball Valve ANSI DIN API JIS

插头FEP PFA lined ball valve是一个带有O形孔的球。球围绕阀体的中心线旋转,以打开和关闭衬有衬里的球阀。必威体育娱乐betway身体和阀装饰的内壁衬有FEP,PFA和其他氟材料。采用了特殊的高温成型过程来使密封表面紧凑,并且V型PTFE填料使阀门达到零泄漏。

TheFEP PFA lined valveis specially designed for the opening and closing control of various highly corrosive medium pipelines, and is widely used in petroleum,chemical,dyeing, pesticide, acid and alkali production industries. It is one of the ideal choices for current anti-corrosion valve equipment.

Technical Parameters of FEP PFA Lined Ball Valve:

Structure type: straight-way;
Pressure: 0.6,1.0,1.6,2.5MPa,Class150,JIS10K,etc;
Body material: cast steel(WCB);
里料材质: F46 (FEP)/PFA;
温度范围:-50 ~150°C;
Connection method: flange;
Applicable medium: hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and various corrosive medium;

Part Name carbon steel stainless steel
Body/Bonnet WCB CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M
Valve Ball WCB CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M
里料材质 FEP(F46),PTFE(F4),PFA,PO,PE
Packing Gland WCB CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M
Packing ptfe
Bolt 35 1Cr17Ni2 1Cr17Ni2 1 cr18ni9 1 cr18ni9
Nut 45 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9
Handle WCB

The Features of FEP PFA Lined Ball Valve:

1.FEP and PFA are white and translucent and are suitable for all corrosive medium. The mechanics, electrical properties and chemical stability are basically the same as those of F4, but the outstanding advantages are high dynamic toughness and excellent weather resistance and radiation.Our factory adopts new FEP and PFA materials,which make the lined ball valves more stable, more resistant to corrosion and more resistant to aging.

2.Using a high-temperature molding lining fluorine process, FEP and PFA lining fluorine materials are put into a specific mold, melted and then molded by a press.The lined ball valve has good sealing performance and pressure resistance.

3.The internal fully-lined fluorine process is used, and any part inside the lined ball valve is isolated from the medium. The valve stem and the ball are integrated. They are simultaneously molded and lined with FEP or PFA to avoid the transmission gap of the valve stem and the ball.

4. FEP PFA衬里球阀的结构紧凑且合理,内壁非常光滑。必威体育娱乐betway阀体是通过精确铸造产生的,具有高强度和光滑的外观。PTFE填料用于实现阀门的零泄漏。

The Dimensions of FEP PFA Lined Ball Valve:

公称通径 Main dimensions Reference
DN(毫米) L D D1 D2 f b H W
10 130 90 60 41 3 14 90 140
15 130 95 65 45 3 14 95 140
20 140 105 75 55 3 14 98 150
25 150 115 85 65 3 16 113 150
32 165 135 100 78 3 18 130 200
40 180 150 110 85 3 18 135 230
50 200 165 125 100 3.5 20 140 250
65 220 185 145 120 3.5 20 145 270
80 250 200 160 135 4 22 205 300
100 280 220 180 155 4 24 230 350
125 320 250 210 185 4 26 252 400
150 360 285 240 210 4 28 283 600
200 400 340 295 265 5 32 325 700
250 450 410 355 320 5 36 370 800
300 500 465 410 375 5 36 420 1000

Kind note:if need the sizes of other specifications/pressures,please contact us.

Application Precautions of FEP PFA Lined Ball Valve:

1. FEP衬里球阀的施用温度不得超过150°C。必威体育娱乐betwayFEP(F46)的材料可以在短时间内为150°C,但长期工作温度应以低于120°C的控制。否则,FEP材料将易于软化和变形,从而导致阀泄漏。

2. There should be not negative pressure. The lined ball valve should prevent negative pressure in the pipeline. If there is negative pressure, the fluoroplastic layer which is easy to form the inner cavity of the valve is sucked out (bulging) and unshelled, causing the ball valve fails to open and close.

3. The pressure and pressure difference of the medium should be controlled within the specified range of use. If the pressure is out of range, the lining fluorine layer will be cracked and deformed, causing leakage.

4. For the medium used for the FEP PFA ball valve,there should not be hard particles, impurities and crystals, so as to avoid scratching the fluorine layer during the opening and closing process of the ball valve.

5. It is forbidden to use the lever to open and close the fluorine-filled ball valve. After opening and closing, do not force to close again to avoid premature damage of the fluoroplastic sealing surface.

When selecting various types ofFEP PFA ball valves, users should understand and grasp the operating conditions as much as possible in order to select and use the right valves to improve the service life. In case of exceeding the requirements of the operating conditions, it shall be proposed to the manufacturer, negotiated together, and adopt corresponding countermeasures to solve.

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